About us


Our Mission:
‘Our main aim is to develop high-quality products and to provide the best possible service to our valued clients in a cost-effective way.’
To exceed our customer’s expectations in quality, delivery, and reasonable cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction leading towards good customer values for long run relation with our clients.
Introduction to the company:
Back in 1992, the CEO of BlueBell Sports & Fitness started this venture of manufacturing and supplying export quality goods to Fitness and MMA gym brands all over the world. The journey was mind blowing. He and his employees worked hard together to bring the company where it is standing today!
BlueBell sports and Fitness has a reputed tradition of manufacturing and exporting comprehensive range of quality Fitness and Sports Goods range, mainly dealing in Boxing Gloves and Accessories, Karate Gloves, Protection Gears, weight lifting gloves and belts, using the finest material since the very start. Getting more knowledge on the new material and more eco-friendly Raw Material were used to produce high quality products.
Our products are designed and developed to cater the needs of all sports and leisure enthusiasts. And experience of more than 26 years of highly skilled staff is added to our products meriting them to an ultimate perfection and acceptance the world over.

Why BlueBell Sports and Fitness?
Claiming to provide what we show in the pictures.
Samples for trail are free for the brands who actually want to work and have good positioning in the end user’s mind
We use finest raw material in our products that are durable and long lasting.


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